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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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she was going to get $2 million. what do you think? what happenedst let me know on twitter. shepard actually got his hands on sweet swine pork rind cash and kicked our butt on the story. >>shepard: and the razorbacks have been losing ever since. sweet swine is the winner. number nbc -- the news begins anew. polls today show that governor romney is gaining ground on the president. the battle for the buck i didn't state is just ahead. another day of record gas prices in california but relief is on the way. another jump in the death toll from the meningitis outbreak
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that is sweeping state to state. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, four weeks from the day of election. both nominees are getting big betting on ohio. analysts say ohio is a must win for mitt romney. no republican has won the white house without taking the votes out of ohio first, this year, 18. room any campaigned step up the ohio game sending more workers to the state. governor romney will spend four of the next five days stumping there. that is the plan. new presidents show governor romney riding high after last week's strong debate performance. there are still no new polls from ohio since last week but a just-released reuters national poll shows the nominees are in a dead heat. 45 completely erasing the lead of the president. the latest poll from pew shows
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governor romney with a four-point lead. he was trailing president obama by four points three weeks ago. wendell is at the white house. but, first, john roberts is traveling with the romney camp this afternoon. what is the enthusiasm like for the governor there? >>reporter: well, he is trying to narrow the enthusiasm gap. he won this county, madison county, in the caucus with only 17 percent of the vote. 64 percent voted "other" in the caucus. now many republicans in this state have found the candidate they were looking for. the polls are narrowing here. president obama now up by only three points. this event in rural america at a family farm, governor romney said that in his administration he would implement policies that would help rural america to grow. >> there are big differences between the president and me the
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he has no plan if rural america. no plan for agriculture. no plan for getting people back to work. i do. i have spoken about it all over the country. i will help the american farmer, our economy and get america working. >>reporter: he said that policies the president want to pursue would hurt people this this part of the country. >>shepard: on issues, what are farmers say is at the top of the list? >>reporter: the big one is the estate tax. governor romney says he would repeal the estate tax if he becomes president. president obama would allow it to rise. the other big one is regulation. remember all of the hand wringing over the rumors the epa wanted to regulate farm dust? the labor department is looking at a rule to limit the amount of work that children under the age of 18 can do on farms. governor romney promised in his administration it would be different. >> you have to have regulation. you need regulation for markets to work effectively. i am going to cut back on
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regulation and put a cap on regulation. any new major regulation will have to be approved by congress. i'm not letting the politician off the hook. >>reporter: governor romney has been telling personal stories on the trail. today he told a new one of a former navy seal he met at a christmas party this san diego. early this year he learned he was one of two former navy seals killed at the american consulate in benghazi. >>shepard: thank you, john roberts. president obama is scheduled to touch down right there in ohio in an hour. the president took off from california where he had fundraisers and told supporters he very much intends to win, filling the airways with new ads going after the republican rival. one that is getting attention goes after the governor using big bird. remember during the debate the governor said he would rather cut funding to public broadcasting than borrow from china which is a popular line
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for attacks by democrats. >> one man has the guts to speak his name. big bird. big bird. big bird. big. yellow. a many nasa to -- a menace to our economy. >>shepard: we cannot see it airing anywhere but on newscasts like this. governor romney fired back and a spokesman accused the president of trying to "make a big election about small things." wendell is live at the white house. this is getting nasty again. >>reporter: it sure looks like it. on air force one the president's campaign spokeswoman said the biggest take away is romney shaking relationship with the fact. the president is headed back to washington, dc, right now, with a stop in ohio, where voter registration ends at 9:00 tonight. he told the reporters in san francisco last night some want him to take the gloves off but
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he made clear he did not think much of governor romney's first debate performance. >> after the debate i had a bunch of folks say, don't be so plight, don't be so nice. i want everyone to understand something. what was mean for them wasn't leadership. that is salesmanship. >>reporter: he made clear the president didn't think much of his own debate performance, or wasn't happy and he will make adjustments before the second debate next week. >>shepard: after the big bird funding crisis what does sesame street say? >>reporter: they don't like big bird being involved. obama for america says they reviewing a request from the sesame workshop to stop airing the ad. on the web site the workshop posted this explanation and i quote, "sesame workshop and
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nonpartisan and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. we approved no campaign ads adsd have requested the ad be taken down." the republican national convention charged the president with eight mentions of big bird and five of elmo and no mention of libya or plans to fix the economy, suggesting he is running from his record and lack of ideas. romney's campaign says it will stop using the count as soon as obama for america takes down the big bird ad. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. can you tell me how to get back to ohio and although polls show governor romney is closing the gap, pollsters say it is an uphill battle. erin, nice to see you. who knew our friends at "says me street," would be talked about so were.
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you need that state if you are romney? >>guest: you do. it is 18 electoral votes and there is no other way he can get to 270 needed to win without ohio. very important state. that is why he has three events there tomorrow. >>shepard: real clear politics does an average of all the polls. there has been a lot made about polls recently and the enormous swing especially coming to women, but what is the thinking of you folks at real clear politics? >>guest: the debate helped mitt romney. what is important to note, two weeks ago mitt romney did a big three-stop tour of ohio for several days and that didn't move the polls in his direction in ohio. after the debate, he might now have some new traction. without trying to get a change in the direction of the polls in ohio he will have trouble. they want to build off of this traction they have from the debate and move it forward in ohio. >>shepard: there is another big debate, the day after
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tomorrow, the vice presidential debate. what kind of impact could that have given who the candidates are? >>guest: it could have a big impact just because paul ryan and joe biden are very aggressive debaters. we are going to see vice president biden go after paul ryan for the ryan budget that has been a big deal on capitol hill in the last four years. paul ryan will certainly defend his views on this. we will probably see some more sparks than in the first debate. >>shepard: one thing that governor romney has been criticized from both sides of the aisle, he didn't have specifics on a budget plan, and in came paul ryan as a vice presidential candidate, and the word was, well, not all of those specifics. it seems like they will have to put a laser on that. >>guest: that is what palm ryan will -- what paul ryan will
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do. but he is broad in his thinking and they don't not want him to get specific. that is what biden will push on. paul ryan may not have those answers. >>shepard: time will tell, the day after tomorrow. today, sandusky learned his punishment for raping little boys but first he had a chance to speak to the court. he reminded us what you need to do is blame the victims. because it is their fault, after all. incredible jerry sandusky coming up. authorities this mexico say this guy ran one of the most vicious drug cartels on planet earth. officials there say they killed him. and used fingerprints to check his identity. they sure. while he was dead and in a casket at a funeral home, wait until you hear what happened then. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about that 401(k) you picked up back in the '80s.
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>>shepard: jerry sandusky will likely spend life in prison because today a judge handed down a sentence of 30 to 60 years behind bars. he is 68. he raped or otherwise molested not one or two but ten boys over a decade. he never took the stand during the trial. now he has delivered a 15-minute speech to the court. he denies the accusation. he also says he hit many walls during the last year. our producer inside the courtroom says sandusky appear the about to try and kept clearing his voice. late yesterday, the penn state radio station aired an audio recording from sandusky giving a similar statement and reacted to what he called the worst loss of his life. >> they can take away my life, make me out as a monster and treat me as a monster but they
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cannot take away my heart. in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged acts. >>shepard: he blames the victims. what they have done do his life. it was quite frankly to many observers astounding. today before he delivered -- he had the sentence delivered the judge said the tragedy it is a story of betrayal. the most obvious aspect is your betrayal of ten children. sandusky calls himself the victim, even now. david lee miller is outside the courthouse where he covered the trial. david lee? >>reporter: it was an emotional day at the courthouse but worth noting there was no visible reaction whatever from jerry sandusky as you learned he would spend the next 30 years behind bars. interestingly the appearance has changed since the trial this summer. he was much thinner, also, rather than being dressed in a
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neck tie and sports coat today he was wearing a red prison jump suit. yes, he became emotional but only when talking about how he had suffered because of a miscarriage of justice. the prosecutor characterized this as serve serving. >> the statement was last night the same as in court, delusional and ludicrous statement that appeared to be, frankly, a testimony to himself. >>reporter: it was the victims who captivated the court, weeping, voices cracking, and they shared their pain with not only the judge and the defendant but the entire courtroom. victim number six and i quote, "i became a social outcast because i didn't know how to process what happened when you told me you were the tickle monster and touched my 11-year-old body." the sentencing is over but the attorneys say there is going to
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be an appeal. they say they would have won an acquittal if they had more time to prepare for the case. during the appearance the court called him a sexually violent predator so he has to be registered when he is given parole and exits from prison but that will not happen any time soon. he will be at least 98 years old. >>shepard: thank you, david lee, thank you very much. he spoke of some of the accusers spoke in court and one said that he still gets flashbacks, he believes they will never go away. that accuse are said when he was eight or 10 years old, the coach pinned him against a wall in the corner of a shower and the prosecution called him victim number five. along the way, along the way, it is jerry sandusky who said this is a conspiracy of the victims and the media against him. with us now is victim number
3:18 pm
five, his attorney, from outside the courthouse. counselor, thank you for being here. i wonder how it was for victim number five when he took the news from jerry sandusky that victim number five is the one who has done the bad deeds and sandusky is the victim? >>guest: well, it was not unexpected. we had hoped for better. we hoped for more. we hoped for remorse, contrition. but we saw nothing like that today. my client came here because he thought he had an obligation to do so. he thought it was an obligation of citizenship and he wanted to fulfill that. he thought it was a duty to himself, to his family, and to his close friends. more importantly, he wanted the judge to hear it in his words which i thought were very dramatic, very poignant. he wanted mr. sandusky himself to see and hear him. that was very important to my
3:19 pm
client. >>shepard: after he spoke in court today, your client, victim number five, what did he say how that felt or how he is feels or if he thinks he is on the road recovery now? help us understand. >>guest: it was an emotional time for him after he testified. he came back and literally sat on the bench next to his girlfriend, his mother came and consoled him and hugged him in a very dramatic moment. i thought some cleansing, it was very important for my client to have his parents know how he kept the deep dark secret for so long. he did not seek this out or want any part of it when the police knocked on the door which took him to a grand jury room, a courtroom and now a courtroom again. i went over to him, i was sitting right across the aisle and i went over to him. i hugged him. i told him how proud i was of him and told him in 33 years i
3:20 pm
never had seen a client more eloquent and someone who i was more proud of. he averaged that. i asked how he felt about what sandusky said publicly and he shrugged and said to me, something to the effect, it is a shape. i think it is, too. >>shepard: thank you, attorney for victim number five who had his say today. counselor, thank you very much. all the best to your client. >>guest: thank you. i will have pass that along. >>shepard: another court date for the one eyed terror suspect extradicted here to the united states the we have new details from the hearing today. plus, some people are paying $5 and even up to $6 a gallon for gas! a fillup under those numbers could cost hundreds of bucks for some trucks. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>>shepard: the one eyed terror suspect today pleaded not guilty for plotting to set up a terrorist training camp. in oregon. he and four others suspected terrorists arrived in the united states on saturday after they lost a legal battle to keep them in british custody. the terrorist suspect lost part of his arm in a fight against the soviets in afghanistan back if the day. they say he usually wears a hook but today he appeared in court with no hook, no nothing. a prison spokesman said they would not comment on individual inmates but in general, they remove prosthetics if they could pose a danger to anyone else. the chief fox correspondent is
3:25 pm
live outside the courthouse. jonathan, what happened in court? >>jonathan: the one-eyed hook-handed suspect said little in court today. we are told throughly attorney he would now prefer to be known as another name. he whisper add couple of times to the attorney but only spoke publicly once. that is when the judge asked him, is your plea not guilty? he replied, yes. he was not wearing any of his prosthetics including the hook that he normally uses in place of his missing right hand. according to his attorney, the trial not withstanding, getting the prosthetic back is the main concern. >> he had use of this prosthetic for part of day but not long enough to function the way he can function to help me do what
3:26 pm
we have to do. >>jonathan: as you mentioned, ship, officials imply that the prosthetics have been removed from him because of the security threat they could present to the prison officials. >>shepard: there were other suspects and i understand two of the other suspects had a hearing separate from this suspect, right? >>jonathan: the two others were extradicted at the same time from britain. they were flown hour to new york abortion the same plane. they appeared in the same court today but in a separate court hearing and a separate courtroom both of these suspects are charged with even more serious crimes, for their roles in the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassy in nairobi, and tanzania which killed 224 people, 12 of them persons.
3:27 pm
both the allege terrorists have pleaded not guilty. a court date has been set for them. the trial date is next october. >>shepard: than you, jonathan. the state department is firing back at criticism of the security situation in libya. a top security official claims washington pulled assets from benghazi before the deadly attack happened. look at dow, our 401(k) is taking a hit today five years after the dow hit the all-time high. what is behind the latest slide? that is coming up. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith, this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. the state department's report is that there was in drop in diplomatic security in the weeks before the deadly attack in benghazi despite claims from the head of a security team based in tripoli who told cbs that the officials pulled his team from tripoli just a few weeks before the assault as other staffers voiced concerns of security gaps. >> last night, the state department spokesman released a statement claiming that the security team in libya had nothing to do with the attack in benghazi and said the departure of the security support team had no impact whatever on the total
3:32 pm
number of fully trained american security personnel in libya overall or in benghazi specifically. the attack last month in that city killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. catherine has the news from washington, dc, this afternoon. catherine? >>reporter: well, this 51-page report shows the u.s. mission in libya documented 230 security-related incidents over a one-year period between june 2011 and ending two months before the murder of the ambassador and americans, more than an indent every day in the country. today at the state department briefing, a spokesman was pushed to explain whether security was, in fact, pulled back. >> i am not going to go into all of these kind of timeline details as to what we had, when, and where. some of those things i am guessing, will be covered tomorrow in the open hearing. again, these are all pieces that
3:33 pm
we are pulling together now so i will not get into the back-and-forth discussions. >>reporter: we have a half dozen reports including the statement from the mission in libya there was a high threat level in the months leading up to the attack on the ambassador. >>shepard: there is an e-mail from a man who will testify on the situation. >>reporter: that is right. in the e-mail which has been read by for which news it comes from the top security officer if libya until june of this year, and based on the threats including the attempted assassination of the british ambassador you see there, the former head of security wrote and i quote, "this is a significant part of post and my argument for maintaining diplomatic security and defense department security assets in september october 2012 the government of libya was overwhelmed and can not guarantee our protection." a senior republican with the house of representatives government oversight hearing says there is a pattern where
3:34 pm
help was requested and consistently denied by washington, dc. >> it seems to be a coordinated effort between the white house and the state department from secretary of state, hillary clinton, and the obama white house, a decision made, i believe, my personal opinion, is they wanted the appearance of "normalization," in libya. >>reporter: the congressman has returned from libya and it is worth noting on the trip he said there is absolutely no mention of this amateurish youtube video clip that the administration initially blamed for the attack in benghazi. >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. now, the pain at pump and the price of gas in record is at a record high for the 4th straight day. some good news, though, aaa reports the cost of a gallon crept up by less than a cent so it is almost unchanged. still, it is $4.67 a gallon, up
3:35 pm
50 cents from last week and way above the national average at $ $3.82. in southern california, you will be set back ridiculous amounts. experts say the gas prices will fall to a more manageable levels in the next few days because of major refinery is back in service after losing power last week. now, the associate managing editor of the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. >> $6 in california. >>guest: it is important to think about from an economic standpoint because everyone buys gas. fur on the edge economically, this is a pinch. it causes people to spend less on other things. consumption across the broader economy. this one laboratory is back on line as of friday. they had a power outage that affected the refinery of the gasoline you have to produce to meet the air quality requirements of california. another refinery, there are 14
3:36 pm
of these in california, another refinery had a fire in august. it is still not back up to full capacity. that is why you hear people saying, look, the gasoline is coming, prices will drift down again, just wait. >>shepard: senator feinstein, a democratic from california, is asking if this is market manipulation and one of her concerns is it is election time and whoever the president is, you look through the history books, whoever is president when gas prices are up people are mad at the president. >>guest: california has a history of problems with the energy sector with manipulation before. it is probably a legitimate question to ask. is someone gouging along the way? the other relief that will be coming to california soon is that the governor, jerry brown, there is a different type of gasoline you can produce in the winter in california than in the summer because of the smog, it puts requirements more stringent in the summer. he said, look, i will allow you to produce the winter blend earlier than the end of october, start putting it right away. it is easier to make, and the
3:37 pm
refineries can produce more gas more quickly. the prices will come down. >>shepard: we her it was going way, way up at the beginning of the summer but it went down but now they are busting people's budgets. >>guest: california is isolated market with no pipelines coming in from the gulf coast or other states. they make it there. this is a reminder of how tight the system is in the united states for refineries. with a local refinery problem you will have problems with the local gas price. >>shepard: thank you from "wall street journal" this afternoon. a lousy day for the 401(k) amid a gloomy forecast for the global economy, it is getting worse. senator a bright spot after five years to the day after the dow reached a record high of 14,500 and we are not that far away.
3:38 pm
the s&p 500 hit the highest close on that day and we have been near that. aders reacted to the prediction the global economy will grow only 3 percent this year. that is down from the forecast a few months ago and europe's budget woes have triggered new violence in the treats of greece. protesters trying to tear down the barricade in front of the parliament building voicing anker against tough budget cuts. police fired back with tear gas and stun guns or stun grenades. gerri willis is with us. explain what triggered the protests. they have been upset for a long-term but, today, what is the beef? >>gerri: well, the german chancellor merkel who believes greece is responsible, and they are angry at her. they erupted into violence and merkel is the ray of sunshine
3:39 pm
here. she thinks greece will stay in the e.u. and better times ahead. it will be a long-term before we get there. >>shepard: a long, long time, right? china, it look like china's economy is contracting. or slowing. the global markets, all of these trouble spots around the world are affecting our market. >>gerri: the report you talked about, talking about slower growth for the world economy, true, that is worrying the investors and an earning situation in the 4th quarter and people are worried about earnings noon the s&p 500. now, tone, alcoa reports after the close, we will see the numbers coming in and it will be a disagreement, and other companies will feel the impact of what is going on across the planet on our companies right here in the usa. >>shepard: it does not does loo,
3:40 pm
does it? >>gerri: it will get better soon. >>shepard: mexico's bloody drug war lost a major player with officials killing or responsible for thousands -- thousands -- of murders. it is a set back or will someone else pop in to replace him? they are supplying the drug needs of the united states. do the drug needs of the united states end with this guy's death? [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>>shepard: major developments in mexico's drug war, with the navy killing the most vicious leader of the drug cartel. he was connected to the death of an american. the navy reports they killed the cartel leader in a firefight near the border with texas. he is a former special forces
3:44 pm
officer known for brutal tactics including putting the heads of the rivals on display and plotting a number of massacres and assassinations i cannot confirm this although i said that. this is what we are getting from the authorities who say gunmen snatched his body from a funeral home during a raid, snatched his body. the mexican navy reports it arrested another boss connected to 2010 murder of the american david hartley. remember this situation? he is the guy who was jet ski on a border lake, remember, his wife came forward saying, what the heck happened? she demanded an investigation, there you go. trace has the news. what do we know of the man accused of killing david hartley? >>trace: he is identified by the mexican authorities and he is known as "the squirrel." he is also thought to be behind the executions of some 300 other people inside mexico. they say that he now is the main
3:45 pm
suspect in the killing of both david hartley and the police commissioner who was investigating the hartley crime. his head was delivered in a box. it was david and give any on mexican side of falcon lake and she said they were chased by bandits would shot and killed her husband, his body was never found and now the wife says she is hopeful but she is still skeptical. listen. >> if this gentleman, the suspect, does have involvement, we want to know where david died and get some evidence of his remains and let us as a family, two years later, be able to have some closure. and be able to truly move on and move forward. >>trace: the sheriff who patrols falcon lake on the u.s. side said he does not believe "the squirrel" is importantible for the death. he believed there are five other suspects in that case. >>shepard: did they kill the
3:46 pm
leader of the cartel but they do not have the body? >>trace: he was absolute and killed outside a stadium south of the texas border yesterday by mexican marines. before his body was stolen in the early morning raid, the mexican authorities i.d. -- got an i.d. through fingerprints. that is a huge embarrassment because as of right now the united states has no confirmation of any of this. listen. >> we have seen these stories, frankly, we are not in a position to confirm any of it. we are seeking further clarification from the mexican authorities. >> same goes to the d.e.a. who is no confirmation about this drug lord being killed but there are reports there is already a new even more brutal boss running the cartel today.
3:47 pm
>>shepard: you figured there would be. trace, thank you from los angeles. and now a former special agent with the drug enforcement administration, also the c.e.o. and founder of global security incorporated which is a risk management and counterterrorism consulting firm. good to see you. i don't know how we figure out who is who down there or which leader is in power but does it seem right to you that as long as we have this enormous appetite and market for what the product is they are creating, that this is going to continue forever? >>guest: that is an excellent point. you need to have a two-prong strategy: interdiction and enforcement and demand reduction. if you look at the success we have had over the years in reducing cigarette smoking, for example, it can be done. will it be zero? no. we have to have less demand and try to lock the guys up. >>shepard: cigarette smoking
3:48 pm
is something you do in public, that is controlled, the only product legal in the united states that when used as directed kills and they have to now pay $15.75 in the lobby 12 stories down there. that is how they did that. the way they are trying to do this, slain to me the situation under which we can tell people, stop wanting drugs and tell the mexicans stop making drugs and either of those can ever happen. >>guest: you will never eliminate. you are trying to reduce demand. >>shepard: how has it worked? we have the matter of 35,000 dead mexicans in a war going on in our southern border and a state that is already reduced to a narco state just a mile across our border, a narco state is there. the economy is involved in selling us the drug. >>guest: that would have been more true several years ago, now the mexicans have made an extraordinary step forward.
3:49 pm
>>shepard: they brought it here. >>guest: i am talking as far as their enforcement efforts. 30 years ago it was colombia and they targeted the leaders of the cartels and, most importantly, they made it possible for have them extradited to face charges in the united states one of the most terrify things. in mexico they are locked up and they figure they can break out. if we get them here like we did with one of the bosses, it it ia strategy that is working. >>shepard: if we bring them over here to deal with them, do we think they will not bring the war with them? and the tens of thousands who are dead down there might start dying up here? >>guest: we do have a great deal of violence along the border. but not at that level. >>shepard: yet. what suggests it will not move here? if we are so arrogant to believe that while we have this enormous market blaze -- place for a
3:50 pm
product they creating, won't they continue to do this? i cannot find a person who thinks this is a possibility? >>guest: it is. the mexicans will take their country back. they have made incredible strides forward. the fact this guy is dead is a warning bell to every other cartel leader. they walk around with targets on their back and that is the strategy. if you wonder about the next step you take outside if you will be locked up or killed, you are less able to operate your illegal activists. that is the strategy. that is working. it is working in counterterrorism and counter narcotics. >>shepard: if you stop the ones who are are selling it to us now but don't stop the demand it will not just spread somewhere else. >>guest: you are right. but at the same time, the point is, you have to attack both areas. try to reduce the demand to the greatest extent possible and stop the supply. >>shepard: or change the goal and realize this problem is not going away. and learn to deal with it in
3:51 pm
another way. but you are not in charge and neither am i but it has not worked here. it was colombia and now it is mexico. where is it?next? i don't want it in my backyard. >>guest: the d.e.a. is hit us 24/and the mexicans, as well. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brgs more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches.
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>>shepard: deadly meningitis outbreak linked to shots to treat the death. health fouls report more than three deaths bring the number of dead to 11. the number of confirmed cases jumped to 119 up from 105 a couple of days ago. they have a new case in a new state, new jersey. officials are bracing for more infections. up to 13,000 people got
3:55 pm
potentially tainted steroid injections. it could be a while before we know the full scope of the outbreak. doctors say it is taking one to four weeks for the symptoms to show up often starting with hardly any symptoms as the infection is getting worse, victims report headache, fever, confusion in many cases, as well. jonathan is in atlanta home for the centers for disease control and prevention. any end to this? >>guest: the answer for now is there is really not. >>shepard: if you did not get the steroid injection you will not get it because this meningitis does not pass from person to person. it only happens through the infected needles. they know how many of these they gave out, the vaccine, rather, the painkiller had a fungus in it. as a result, this steroid infected with fungus is making a lost other people very sick. in some cases it is killing them. we will have an update tonight.
3:56 pm
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>>shepard: before we wrap it up, a swedish lunch lady is facing complaints of the cooking. the menu is too delicious. the cafeteria worker was known for the high quality offerings from the kitchen including french baked bread and selection of vegetables. school officials say it is not fair for the lunch lady to serve all that good food because the students at other schools don't have the same options. she agreed to tone it down and make the food less good. the vegetable selection is cut in half, the fresh baked bread is replaced by store bought loaves. you sure you want everything the same for everyone? poor lady. look at this, we can blame greece, on a giv


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